“La Revancha Del Tango 20th Anniversary Edition” is out now!

Gotan Project is releasing today a special double vinyl to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their iconic debut album “La Revancha Del Tango“.

This limited reissue is now available in your favorite online record store (link here).

The digital anniversary edition, including the unreleased track “Diciembre 2001” from “La Revancha Del Tango” sessions, is also out now.

Reworked recently by the band, this song pays a triple tribute : to the revolt in Argentina, to the 20 years of their first opus and to Fernando “Pino” Solanas, the recently deceased Argentinian director and politician.

In this track, we can hear the voice of the former Argentine president De la Rua declaring the state of siege, that of Pino Solanasdenouncing the looting of the mafia state and the crowd shouting its anger with the famous slogan of the popular rebellion of December 2001:      “¡Que se vayan todos!” – “All of them must go!“.

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