Album "Tango 3.0" live on tour - 2010

Album "Tango 3.0" live on tour  - 2010 © Julien Mignot


Dear friends, today is THE day. We are on April 19th and the new GOTAN PROJECT album, Tango 3.0, has been released this morning worldwide.

Available in three different versions, discover now TANGO 3.0 :

Album "Tango 3.0" - 2010

Album "Tango 3.0" - 2010 © Prisca Lobjoy

Album "Lunático Tour" - 2006

Album "Lunático Tour" - 2006 


Welcome on the new GOTAN PROJECT website. Brand new and fresh with a full TANGO 3.0 design.

You will find here, as usual, all the official news concerning the band within the tour, photos, videos and more. 

The website is still under construction

Have a nice visit !

Video 2001 - Album La revancha del Tango

Vidéos de cette galerie: 

Album "Carnet de Viajes"

Album "Carnet de Viajes" - 2008 © Prisca Lobjoy

Vidéo 2006 - Album Lunatico

Vidéos de cette galerie: 

Vidéo 2010 - Album Tango 3.0

Vidéos de cette galerie: 

New album "TANGO 3.0"

in pre-order yet

TANGO 3.0, new and third GOTAN PROJECT’s studio effort, to be released worldwide on april 19th 2010 (april 23rd for Germany)

Eleven new original songs :

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