The TANGO 3.0 tour is now over ! Live it again and again entirely with the TANGO 3.0 LIVE (Blu-Ray & DVD) available worldwide since october 31th.

The atmosphere of GOTAN PROJECT's live performance at the CASINO DE PARIS has been captured here in High Definition for your enjoyment by the award winning music filmmaker Fabien Raymond. For the past decade, GOTAN PROJECT have been taking their music to tango lovers around the world. A GOTAN PROJECT show is a total sensual experience, enhanced by the stunningly evocative visuals of Prisca Lobjoy, whose work as GOTAN PROJECT's artistic director has played an integral part in shaping the GOTAN aesthetic right from the start. Lobjoy's stage visuals offer the viewer a landscape rich with fragmented, abstracted images that literally pulse with the music as if caught in the dance. We see dancers fall from the sky, a golden girl swings back and forth, surreal fairy tales unfold before one's eyes. As sensual and erotic as the music itself, Lobjoy's films complement the muscularity of the music with their physical beauty. It has been said that her quirky vision fits the nature of tango like a glove. This sensational DVD / Blu-ray package, which also includes two-music videos and some of the original short films made for the live performances as well as an interview with the artists themselves gives you the opportunity to judge for yourself, sit back and enjoy the total Gotan experience!


01 - Intro
02 - Cuesta Abajo
03 - Época
04 - Diván

05 - Tango Square
06 - Rayuela
07 - Una Música Brutal
08 - Érase Una Vez
09 - Tu Misterio
10 - De Hombre a Hombre
11 - Toda Mi Vida
12 - Mi Confesión
13 - La Gloria
14 - Diferente
15 - La Música de Siempre
16 - El Mensajero
17 - Panamericana / Tríptico
18 - Mil Millones / Queremos Paz
19 - Desilusión
20 - Peligro
21 - Santa Maria (del buen ayre)
22 - Inmigrante


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