GOTAN PROJECT - RAYUELA from Ya Basta records on Vimeo.

«In hopscotch, as in life, one needs to know which direction to jump».

Gotan Project are interested in poetry and genuine admirers of the work of seminal Argentina write Julio Cortázar, whose voice they have sampled on their song «Rayuela» (named after Cortazar’s most famous novel, which translated means «Hopscotch»). Cortazar lived and died in exile in Paris at number 4 Rue Martel in the 10th. Arrondissement coincidently also the birthplace of Gotan Project!
«This is where he died. When we heard this, we felt compelled to honour his memory, by using his own words, which all young Argentineans should know». Playful lyrics sung by a choir of children about a philosophical allegory of the game of life, hell and paradise. Daniel Haaksman supplies a great remix, somewhere between cumbia and crazy reggaeton, the other remix is from hot Berlin label Man Recordings is tropical disco!

Today is the D-Day for the official world release of the brand new music video «Rayuela» all over the web and on TV screens. Click in the image above to watch it in HD on the Ya Basta records VIMEO Official Channel on the official GOTAN PROJECT YOU TUBE Channel.

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