Gotan Project is excited to announce that they will be musical guests on ABC’s hit show 

Dancing With The Stars, The Results Show on Tuesday April 10th

This will mark the band’s US network television debut!

In 2000, Gotan Project, the trio founded by Philippe Cohen Solal, Eduardo Makaroff, and Christoph H. Müller released their debut album, La Revancha Del Tango, a record that brought the band’s modern take on the tango to the world. Since then, they have sold over 3 million albums worldwide and have played venues from Hollywood Bowl to the Sydney Opera House. Their music is now familiar, from the cool and chic clubs of New York to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro along with use in numerous television shows and films including Sex In The City, Six Feet Under, Oceans 12, The Bourne Identity and many more. Their second album Lunático (2006) saw Gotan Project adding more live recording and jazz influences into their sound. Their most recent album, Tango 3.0 arrived a decade after the group formed, and is still faithful to its founding principles, but featured a host of exciting guests and collaborators including Dr. John.

Dancing With The Stars is in the middle of their 14th season, and is one of the most watched shows in television.


Here is the video of the show.

"Best Performance of the Season: The Gotan Project accompanies Karina Smirnoff as she performs an updated Argentine tango along with retired Cuban ballet dancer José Manuel Carreño. In a week of sloppy pasos and tortured tangos, it’s nice to see dance as it was meant to be done: By gorgeous, talented performers with genre appropriate music" TIME ENTERTAINMENT

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